Monday, March 24, 2014

Toon Boom Practice

So I'm learning toon boom now. I've downloaded the PLE version from their website, which is a version that lets you get familiar with program, but doesn't offer the licence. It lets you play around with it without spending all your money first.

So far I really like it. It offers a lot more drawing options than flash. I haven't gotten into the animation part quite yet, but I'm excited to use even more tools.

I'm doing a basic project first, which is a walk cycle. It'll give me a chance to use most of the tools I'd be working with without making it complicated. I designed a character based on one that I drew before:

Here's a sketch of the turnaround:

I took the sketch into Toon Boom and fixed a few of the errors that I saw. I think it looks pretty cute!

Today I'm going to look at a few tutorials for coloring tips and continue to work on a walk cycle that I started a few days ago.