Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sketch and Finished Color- Debbie Downer

I challenged myself to draw something and color it in one day and here's what I did. I woke up feeling sort of down today, so drew and colored this:

I call her Debbie Downer, the name is a bit lame, but it sums up  how I felt at the time. I thought she was cute, so I colored her. Decided to go with a monochrome scheme after trying out a few normal human skin tones. Went with bright pink for the umbrella because I thought it would be a neat focal point, and it looks with all the blue.

I'm going to try and animate the rain a little on this one, I've seen pictures with little animated effects and thought it would be fun.

Here's the initial sketch of her.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Random Face Sketches

So while on my way to work I try to push myself to draw something. Lately I've been either practicing cartoony hands or making sketches of faces. I actually really like some of them and might go a bit further with them a little later:

Chipmunks and Preston Blair

In the process of creating new work for my portfolio I'm going back to basics in character design and animation. I'm studying Preston Blair's book again because I just really like his style and simple yet effective lesson in the book. I've been doing a lot of sketching when I have free time as well. I'll post those later, first I'll post my chipmunk design. 

This is based on Preston Blair's design for the cute and small animal designs. 

I'm really drawn to characters with round bodies, they are just more fun to draw. I'm still unsure on where to go with his tail though, I wanted to practice animating secondary action, so giving him a long tail like a squirrel would work. 

I went ahead a gave him some ink and paint, I really like how cute he turned out!