Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cat wip

So I got a new part time job, something to bring in a little money. Its not an animation job, but it'll do for now. I have less time to do any animation work, but when I'm off, like I am today I like to something to practice. I'm still working on my cat animation.

I fixed a few things, but ran into a few more problems I'll address later. I'm still figuring out timing, but so far I like the progress on this. Here's what I have now:

I added a little extra time in the beginning so it doesn't just go into the animation, it just her looking disinterested and looking over towards the tuna can. I like it. I'm also working on the secondary action in the tail. I made her take in the middle a little more exaggerated, but I'm starting to not like it as much. I'm going to draw back on that a little until I'm satisfied with it.

I'm still not done adding frames, I feel like the ending should be a little slower, I feel like the take in the middle is fine, although it needs to be smoothed out.

At least I got something done on it, not nearly as much as I would have liked though. I'll keep doing this until I complete it. I usually start a project and then never finish, but I feel like this is a great exercise. It makes me really go back and review the basics, so I want to finish this.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cat Color wip

I usually do a character turn around that has been fully colored by this point in a project, but it simply sort of slipped my mind. I was having a lot of fun doing the animation for her, so now I'm working on a turn around for her. I think I'm going to make her look like my sister's cat, Grey. She has long grey fur and bright green eyes. I think I'm going to add less fur, but keep her color.

I have her head done so far:

I'm going with a vector look since I'm not going to do cut animation with this. I'm using the pencil tool for my rough animation, it is really messy but I'll use the pen tool for my clean up.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

rough cat animation

So earlier this week I did a little work on little cat I mentioned in a blog post before. So far I like it, but I'd really like to push the reaction a bit more. I think I have trouble with just letting loose. I want her reaction to be a bit bigger before I start smoothing things out and cleaning this up.

I like it for the most part though: