Friday, September 2, 2011

Pregnant puppet

So, a long while ago, I designed two characters for a lip sync, but after calculating how much time it would take to actually animate the scene, I changed my mind. But I had already made the puppet for one of them; and since I totally loved how it turned out, I decided to keep it in and make a walk cycle out of it.

I'll start out with a sketch of her (I have the another one, but my scanner is acting wonky today...)

At first I tried to draw normally, but I didn't quite like it. I kept it like that for a while until I got a little inspiration from Netflix of all places. After I drew the first pregnant woman I went home and watched some old tv on Netflix. One of the reccomended shows for me was a show called "Shorties Watchin' Shorties" from Augenblick Studios. I really liked the design of the characters, so I tried to emulate what I saw. In the show, the characters had thick outlines, and round bodies bean-like bodies. They also had sort of a flatness to them, that I liked.

Here's the puppet after I finished with the ink and color:

I'm working on the details of her walk now, I really want to emphasize secondary motion with this one.

I'll try to upload what I have on my vimeo later.

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