Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I finally bought a scanner

Today I finally got around to getting myself a scanner which means I'll be able to update more often and it'll make projects a little easier for me. I like to do lots of sketches of a project and then do my work based on them, it will be much easier to do that with a scanner at home.

I went through a few of my sketch books as I was testing it out:

This first one is from a life drawing session earlier this month:

These two are sketches of random people I drew on the bus ride home from work two weeks ago I especially had fun with the second one, thinking about doing more with it:

This was a sketch of my cat character I drew a while back ago. I drew her then decided to use her for another the reaction animation.

I can't wait to post more updates. I plan on doing life drawings and sketches during the week and doing a large blog post with them at least once a week.

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