Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Victorian sketch

I'm trying to get used to sketching on a tablet and photoshop. I usually draw in my sketch book, but since I don't have a scanner available to me right now I figure this is a good time to try and work on my photoshop skills. (Or at least getting comfortable drawing in it).

Yesterday while browsing, I saw an article on flirting techniques in the Victorian Era. It was really complicated but also very interesting, but what really caught my eye was this picture:

It was the first time I saw a black woman dressed like that during the Victorian era, not to mention her dress. I just thought it was really beautiful and ornate. I drew it much like she's posed in my sketch book but decided to have a little more fun in photoshop:

I took a few creative liberties with her pose, I started just drawing a female body just in the pose and just started to make the dress later. I really sort of like this, I think I'll try to do something with this in photoshop or maybe illustrator. Either way I'll take the opportunity to learn a few new techniques.

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