Sunday, August 4, 2013

Line Art and an update!

I've been wanting to give my portfolio site and blog a more professional look, so I'm working a new logo and background design for my websites. I think I've thought of something pretty cool, I did a few sketches during break at work yesterday:

I  want to do something that plays off my name, that means "queen" and also something to do with animation or illustration in some way. What I thought of was a silhouette of my head. I incorporated a peg bar to represent animation and around it will be a fancy border. I've come up with a nice color scheme and I've been doing a little work with it today. So far I really like it.

I wasn't planning on redesigning my blog, but after playing around with some new techniques in illustrator today I'm going to give it a try. It will tie into my portfolio website with the same theme except it will look a bit more like a sketch.

I also worked a little on a sketch I drew of a woman on the bus, I did the lines for her. I'm probably going to give her a little color and a background too when I have more time.

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