Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Inspired Character

 Last weekend while hanging out with my boyfriend we started watching PBS because we were bored, a show called "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" was on. I thought the show was really cute, but what really caught my eye was the design of the characters:

I really like the different textures and the other little details like the lines of their eyes and mouths. I got inspired to make my own little character that could fit into that world:

My idea is a little ferret that is into playing sports. I want to take him into illustrator and color him in the same way. This project should be interesting. I'm already seeing a lot of things I'll have to do like finding or creating fur like textures and using the mesh tool and gradients a lot. I've done a character similar to that style before in flash, but I'm going to use illustrator since it should be better for this project.

I'll post updates on him as I work on it!

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